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Want to open an account on Bitcoin Circuit?

Open a trading account with us and start trading immediately.

  • No registration fees.
  • No hidden fees.
  • The money you make – as well as your initial investment, are all yours.

How to open a Bitcoin Circuit account in three easy steps:

Step 1


Register your name and account on Bitcoin Circuit. Our registration form is very straightforward and simple.

Step 2


Just like any other business, Bitcoin Circuit requires you to make a minimum investment ($250 or more) to start trading. This money is yours and yours only - you can withdraw it any time you wish to.

Step 3


Now that the registration process is complete and you have made your initial investment, you can start trading in your name. We advise you to read all the benefits of Bitcoin Circuit to get the most out of the software.

Tips to trade successfully:
  • Set your trading parameters
  • Set the trading mode to ‘automatic’ or ‘manual’
  • The more time you spend on Bitcoin Circuit, the more wealth you earn
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